Oh no, it’s that mum….

Who is ‘that mum’?.. Y’know, the one spoken about in hushed tones who let the school aged child eat sweets until she was sick, thought that the two year old would benefit from a bit of one way interaction with the telly and once accidentally fed the baby a chilli and had to spend the rest of the afternoon walking them round and round and round the park until they stopped crying. That mum, the one who allegedly forgot to do her daughters hair on school photo day, entirely forgot her toddlers birthday and once forgot the babies name (‘ummm, I know I like it…) The one who is always crashing her buggy into stationary objects, tries and fails to be concerned about the quantity of sugar in food (if it perks them up after nap time…) and managed to get thrown out of the pub on the first school mums night out. That mum, if you hadn’t already guessed, is me (the chilli wasn’t that hot) and it is nice to meet you (Yes, I can remember her name now, in my defence it had been a long week) perhaps we should go for drinks sometime (maybe not to aforementioned establishment).

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