What NOT To Do With Kids

What to NOT bother doing with kids

    One of my most popular* posts to date was about what NOT to bother doing with your kids at Christmas which just goes to show that sometimes us parents need to be cut some slack – a little time to shrug off some of that permanent upper backache and be given permission to sink […]

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The Dog Lover Lover

  I’ve got a confession to make and it might get me slung in the doghouse. I don’t like man’s best friend. Sorry. My best friend is, well, my best friend. I have tried for YEARS to be a dog lover. But this is me officially withdrawing from the ‘please can I have a dog’ […]

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Things My Children Have Taught Me Part 2 – The 3 Year Old

  Following the success of my previous blogpost about Things My Children Have Taught Me (well, 10 people read it, a few people ‘liked’ it, my mum didn’t send an immediate emergency text about it – living the d-ream peoplllllle) I thought I’d continue – focussing on things my 3 year old has taught me […]

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