What NOT To Do With Kids

What to NOT bother doing with kids

    One of my most popular* posts to date was about what NOT to bother doing with your kids at Christmas which just goes to show that sometimes us parents need to be cut some slack – a little time to shrug off some of that permanent upper backache and be given permission to sink […]

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Let’s talk about judging. If you are a tutter, shake your head-er, roll your eyes-er, in your head silent prosecutor or an out an out ‘guilty, your honour’ shouter then I’m talking about YOU. If you are not then have you been a victim of judgement? Have you ever had to defend your parenting choices? […]

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Not helpful.

Question- Why did I leave my baby to cry? Short answer- So I could take a dump. Long answer- Shall I tell you something that is NOT helpful? It’s when you ask someone how to do something, only to be told a million ways how NOT to do it. For example: Q- How do I […]

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