September Starters *New Notification*


    Are you ready for your child to start school? If someone had asked me that before my eldest started reception last year I would have responded in the affirmative. Of course I was ready, I had been ready for ages. In my defence she is a September born child who was looking somewhat […]

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The Post Natal Period – What the Antenatal Classes Don’t Tell You…


  I loved my antenatal classes. I loved the buzz of excitement of the fellow attendees. I loved the nervous hysteria of the group after they showed us a picture of a placenta. And I loved the bizarre things we did in our classes such as rubbing a tennis ball on the small of our back as an example […]

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Excessive Behaviour


    So I’ve written before about being an ‘extreme’ parent. You can swot up on that here if you can be bothered. If not, quick summary: Loving being a parent so much I could burst with joy – or hating it in it’s entirety. I kind of thought that this was a child related thing […]

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The Mother of The Fussy Eater


    We all know one. You might have been one. Let’s not beat about the bush fussy eaters are a massive pain in the arse. But let’s take a moment to reflect on how that affects us, the mother of the fussy eater. The mother of the fussy eater is a beaten down Annabel […]

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To The Woman Who Lost Her Baby


    To The Woman Who Lost Her Baby, I have a history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I say the right thing at completely the wrong time; to myself, in my head, about an hour or two after the occasion arises and the person to whom the words are intended […]

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The Dance Show


    I am of average intelligence, I have a degree, and, in the past, have spent many years working in schools. And yet sometimes, I receive letters and have absolutely no idea what I am supposed to make of them. My daughter is currently in a dance show and I have practically had to call some […]

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The Post Nap Crier


  If you are not familiar with the title of this blog stop reading here. This is ONLY material for those of us unfortunate enough to immediately understand the content that I am about to discuss. If you are one of those people who puts your child down to nap and they wake up gurgling, […]

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Disney and Lesbians


  I know. Bit of a weird title eh? I just know some people will have hit on this site by mistake, and it’s not what you’re looking for… soz, you might want to alter your search keywords (and maybe your moral standards, they are animations for kids FFS) Anyway, there has been a campaign started […]

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This is a VERY important post to remind you that if you haven’t already started getting thinner/browner/sexier then it is time to START. The weather is getting warmer and your body must be PERFECT in order for you to expose any part of it. Exfoliate, moisturise and per-fect lady. It’s time to get beach body […]

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