I like words that start with Tan. You have Tanzania (great place, you must go) tantalising (anyone else thinking Calamari, no? just me?) and Tantric (nod, nod, wink, wink). You have tangled (a web of lies, crossed wires or the best Disney film to date) tankard (cheers friendly old man, does yours have […]

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The Worst Day Ever (The Story Of A Steriliser)


      Hello! Are you interested in hearing about my Worst Day Ever (to date) after having a baby? No? You’re in the wrong place – next time try not clicking on the link to My Worst Day Ever. Oh.. you want to hear about the story of a steriliser you say? Roger that. […]

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Things My Children Have Taught Me Part 2 – The 3 Year Old


  Following the success of my previous blogpost about Things My Children Have Taught Me (well, 10 people read it, a few people ‘liked’ it, my mum didn’t send an immediate emergency text about it – living the d-ream peoplllllle) I thought I’d continue – focussing on things my 3 year old has taught me […]

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School Run Then Vs School Run Now

2015-09-15 15.06.28-1-3

First day of school run – 1 . Dress your child in their brand spanking new school uniform. Continuously exclaim ‘you look so grown up’ whilst child looks smugly at own reflection in mirror. 2. Plait your child’s hair in complicated style that wouldn’t look out of place on show pony, add ribbon/hairband/quiff/hairspray/botanical decoration if […]

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What Is In a Name?


    Baby names. EVERYONE has an opinion and let me tell you they are not afraid to share it… Oh! they LOVE that one because their mum’s friend’s cousin’s daughter was called that and she was loooovely… But ‘OH NO! You CANNOT call your child that, have you thought what their initials will spell?’…. […]

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You Know You Are a Tunbridge Wells Parent When…


    1. You have used a ruler on a map – #schoolcatchment. Tunbridge Wells statistically contains the worlds biggest schools within the world’s smallest catchment areas* – I’m looking at you St Johns Primary School.   (*This is completely untrue.) 2. You hear ‘Fenwicks’, you think ‘cafe’ or changing facilities. 3. ’Pup’ no longer […]

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The Potty Training Dilemmas


    This post first appeared on Mum’s The Word in the summer holidays … but I’d thought I’d share it with you here because (a) I’m a classic oversharer and (b) I wanted you to know that I made it out the other side. Sure, I had to approach potty training a little like I […]

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Reasons Why I’m Not A MUMMY Blogger


    “Why do you not consider yourself a mummy blogger?” I hear you cry (well you are reading this so you must be semi-interested). Oh, ok, “Why do you not consider yourself a mummy blogger?” I hear you mutter, half an eye on your phone, half an eye on Paul Hollywood on GBBO (ugh, […]

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Post Natal Depression


Let’s talk about depression It’s Post Natal Depression Awareness Week (5th-11th September) as launched and hosted by PANDAS and I am typically late to the table. This is for a myriad of reasons. (1) I’ve had a busy week and (2) I’m a bit reluctant to talk about PND (yeah I know, that’s just two […]

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Things My Children Have Taught Me


1. Time is actually not linear. Fact. When you are trying to get someone to just PUT THEIR BLOODY SHOES ON, seconds turn into loooong minutes. You will be late. But two hour naps fly in the blink of an eye. Absolutely NO time to tidy up which is most definitely what I do in […]

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